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"If music is what you want to do, if music is what you love, and your passion. It doesn’t take a fragrance, its not about the tabloids, it’s about you putting in the work, practicing every day."

-Bruno Mars

Lynnkat Records is independent record label originally created to hold Berklee Graduate, Anthony Lynnkat's creative assets. It still servers this purpose today, but it holds the creative assets for many talented acts who entrust in the vision and direction of Lynnkat.

Since the original creation in 2017, Lynnkat Records has grown to have a professional standard in music production, songwriting, vocal production, and the art of mixing & mastering. Lynnkat Records still offers services in video/audio production such as music videos and short films for those with limited means. 

At Lynnkat Records, the #1 goal is quality. In a world that is ruled by the biggest check, the most notorious name, and the prettiest image, we stand proud as a self-operated company that champions to release works of art that contend against the already present timeless expressions of emotion.

How, you ask? We listen. 

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