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Mixing & Mastering

Want your music to have that professional quality you admire from your favorite artist?

The skills of a mixing & mastering engineer can make or break even the best songs. Have you ever watched a movie where the music is much louder than the dialogue? Or perhaps you've experienced this in a live setting... when you can barely hear a singer. Thats due to bad mixing.
This takes the listener out of experience and makes them notice something outside of the artistic vision. It jolts them quickly to reality. And generally, that is not something an artist desires in their work. The best songs take us somewhere, they help us escape, and every sound has its place.


Back in school, I was taught that it takes a special engineer to mix & master music. Why? Because mixing & mastering is an art form in itself. Even if you have the best ears in the business, a song can and will sound different on different days. Many factors come into consideration beyond a change in speakers. Yet, it is the job of the mastering engineer to ensure that there is a quality sound experience no matter the source or setting.

When music is mixed, it should be achieved with a clear mind and with artistic direction. A song has to sound 'balanced' but our favorite songs have more than just balance. They tell a story and they have depth.

In order for a song to have a fighting chance, it is going to need a lot more than good ears and great equipment. It takes time.
Some songs need more work than others and when it comes to albums, experimentation is needed for the best results.

What is Needed?


To properly mix and/or master your song we will first need an individual export of your tracks with and without the effects used in production, centered. 
Secondly, the most up to date mix you have, in wav form.
And lastly a detailed description of direction and any concerns or areas that would require attention. 


The rate for Lynnkat mixing services start at $100/hr. However, we are open to limited budgets for extended projects, and offer fixed pricing for songs that require little to no amount of work.

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College Project



To mix & master recordings at Lynnkat Records we use Adam A7X speakers and various models of Audio-Technica studio headphones. Final drafts are then tested on a collection of bluetooth speakers and vehicle options. 

Session Photos

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