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International Recording & Performing Artist

El Paso, TX

ISO is Adia Simons II's alter ego and musical persona. Adia is born out of South Florida and currently serves in the U.S. Army. When his time isn't occupied by work activity, he writes his own material, participates in rap battles/free-styles sessions, and enjoys an athletic game of basketball. Just beware to never leave him isolated...

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Will Riley

Live Performance Singer/Songwriter
San Antonio, TX

Will Riley, a indie folk guitarist, singer, rapper, and overall entertainer who grasp inspiration from many different artist to form his own style of

soul/folk Pop.
On his free time, he enjoys playing video games, meeting new faces, and tasting world foods.


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Anthony Lynnkat

Music Producer & Mastering Engineer turn record label owner, marketing director, and artist manager, Anthony Lynnkat was born in McAllen, TX and has had the privilege of traveling a military child. Growing up around the United States and venturing across the world, he has experienced vast cultures which led to his acquired taste. With unique sound/recording experiences and profound knowledge, he is set to change the music industry and ultimately the world of digital media.


Mya Jade

Mya is a Singer/Songwriter born out of small city in South Texas.

With the use of her
majestic voice, she dreams of building a catalog that people of the world can vibe and relate to.

Julian 'Bad Hat' Ramirez grew up participating in performing arts as a child and has often filled the lead roles for many local plays, all the way up through college. With the help of his entertainment skills, he shoots for a lead role amongst the stars.

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Bad Hat

Live performer,
music producer. Edinburgh, (South) TX



Risky cartel is a Drill/Trap rapper who has been featured in the top 50 for Colorado's billboard, 4x in a row for 2021. Risky has proven to been a building force as he has paired with Drxco2X and Lul Trouble to release works, each as their own collaborative duo.
Risky Cartel has dropped 3 EP’s the first 4 months since pursuing a career in music amassing over 400k streams in the short period under the name CXNSUMED. Risky has an uncanny style pulling 
influences from Chicago rappers: Lil Durk, King Von, and Chief Keef.

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